Monday, 18 April 2011

Energizer 'Nightmare' Race 2011

Energizer Nite Race 2011.. Sepang International Circuit.. 16 April 2011
Haha.. Hope i'll be treated like this.. =D
Running Bib G0302 with Running vest and Energy Powergel.. ^__^
21km Route - 1 loop Outside and 2 loops Inside.. Bring it on!

Date: 16th April 2011 
Venue: Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia 
Starting Race Time: 7.40pm

My Power songs for the race.. ^___^

1. Born This Way ('HD Official' Remix)
2. Born This Way ('Official' Remix)
3. Baby / I gotta feeling / Boom Boom Pow
4. I Got A Feeling (David Guetta & Dj Otto Saints Remix)
5. JLO-OnTheFloorRemix
6. Katy Perry - E.T. (Futuristic Lover) (Tiesto Mixshow Remix)[DSB]
7. Just Dance (Chrispy Dubstep Remix)
8. Rihanna - Rude Boy (Chrispy Remix)
9. Kesha - Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix Radio)
10. Fight The Bad Feeling (Dance Ver.) T-MAX
11. Lolliphone 2 (Big Bang vs. Lady GaGa)MasaMIXES (DJ Masa)
12. Rihanna - Umbrella ( Techno Remix )

So.. Summary for this event is "The WORST Race Ever!!"..
Can't tell much.. but what i know it was horrible.. and all runners may also felt that way..
It was 'WORST' because of ;
1. The parking lot charged rm10 per entry.. whereas we already paid rm55 for participation fees.
2. 10'000 runners need to queueing to going trough the small tunnel (way to grandstand) was hot..and safety at all..
3. Collection for the direction..i don't even know where the booth located.. =( (nearly missed  flag-off of 21km categories, just searching for the headlights! )
4. "All runners..please turn on ur headlight!" said the event organizer..WTF!.. NOT everyone managed to collect it! arggghhhh!
5. During run.. i skip 1st and 2nd water stations..and i went for the 3rd water station.. it was funny la.. they give runners 1.5 liters mineral water bottle instead of small cup.. hahahhahahahahahha lol..
6. So..for 21km..1 loop outside and 2 loops at the circuit.. i went for my 2nd loop inside and the organizer said "finish already!".. confused.. haha.. laugh again!! >__< 
7. Then i managed to complete my 21km run@half marathon..but no MEDAL or FINISHER TSHIRT! OMG!!
8. I felt sad for the full marathon runners that still running til 12am but the organizer is going back already.. wahh..teruk ehh!!

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Main entrance F1 Sepang Circuit
Full marathon@42km Flag off
Half marathon@21km Flag off
Not sure either 5.5km or 11km Flag off
So... i'm only happy with my Personal Record.. for my 1st half marathon which is Bareno Run 2011 (2 hours 10 minutes).. and at this event (2 hours 6 minutes).. Yeaaaahhhhhh!! =D

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